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Sgt. Shaked Dahan

Sgt. Shaked Dahan, a 19-year-old soldier from Afula, served in the 7th Armored Brigade, 77th Battalion. Tragically, he fell on October 7th while bravely defending the Nir Oz base against the invading forces of Hamas. It was a valiant effort to repel the enemy and protect his fellow soldiers.

For over six weeks, there was uncertainty about Shaked's fate as he was believed to be held hostage in Gaza. The entire nation held its breath, hoping for his safe return. However, on November 28th, the army declared him as fallen in the line of duty, confirming the heartbreaking news that Shaked had made the ultimate sacrifice for his country.

In the memories of his friends and family, Shaked will forever be cherished for his passion for music, particularly his guitar playing. He also had a deep love for soccer and was an avid supporter of Maccabi Haifa. But above all, Shaked cherished spending time with his family, finding joy in their presence and creating lasting memories together.

During Shaked's eulogy, his brother spoke of his unwavering determination to become a fighter in the Israel Defense Forces. It was his ultimate dream, and he achieved it by enlisting in the Armored Corps a year and four months before his untimely death. His father described him as a man of integrity, someone who was straightforward, anchored, and honest. Shaked had a deep love for humanity and possessed a noble soul.

The pain of losing Shaked is immeasurable, and it is compounded by the fact that his body is still being held in Gaza. Despite this unimaginable hardship, his family has made the difficult decision not to sit Shiva, a traditional period of mourning, until his body is retrieved and brought home. They yearn for closure and the opportunity to bid a proper farewell to their beloved son and brother.

Shaked is survived by his grieving parents, Sigalit and Shimon, and his siblings Omri, Eden, Tomer, and Ido. They will forever hold his memory in their hearts, cherishing the moments they shared and finding solace in the knowledge that he fought bravely for his country until the very end.

יהי זכרו ברוך 🕯️

About The Author

Liana Weinberger is a Tel Aviv University student and IDF reservist. She started the Fallen Soldier Tribute to commemorate each fallen member of our nation and give meaning to the growing list of those taken from us.

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