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Jakob Rheins

Press Outreach

Press Outreach

Jakob Rheins was born in Pittsburgh and grew up in Denver before making Aliyah in May 2023. He has a BA in International Affairs and French from the University of Colorado Boulder and an MA in International Relations from King’s College London. Jakob is a member of the Israeli National Team for ultimate frisbee and is currently in the process of being drafted into the IDF.

“When October 7 happened it seemed like the world around me shattered. My brother was here at the time and we felt determined to help however we could to support the country and the soldiers defending her. Gidon Hazony is a teammate of mine and he told us that he had started an organization designed to help support soldiers in memory of his friend, David Newman, who was murdered on October 7. Since the moment Gidon reached out, I have been volunteering with SSL.

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