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Soldiers Save Lives. 
Gear Saves Soldiers.

In memory of David Newman

David, our brother, was killed by Hamas terrorists while protecting the ones he loved. We are now fighting to protect and support the people of Israel, just as David would have done.


Cargo Flights


Funds Raised
Allocated towards urgent
security needs

300000+ LB

Gear Shipped & Delivered

Valued at $20M+


IDF & Security

Units Funded

We've done all this in just 7 weeks,

and we're just getting started. 

About Soldiers Save Lives Founders and Leaders

About Us

The story of how a group of dear friends from high school went searching for a brother they would never see again, and within 48 hours found themselves at the head of a volunteer army, procuring millions of dollars worth of gear, and coordinating flights to Israel, to deliver to soldiers and security forces in need.

In Collaboration With 

In collaboration with Israel Ministry of Defense
Donate In collaboration with Zaka
donations are sent in collaboration with ElAl

Recent Funding Provided

We need your generous support to do more. 

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