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Soldiers save lives helping israel through activism and donations

Our Story

David while serving in the IDF

David in Boot Camp

A few high school friends, in search of one of their brothers.

A day earlier he left with his girlfriend for a party in southern Israel.

They received a text: “pray for me.” Then another: “Something terrible happened.” Then nothing.

And so they set out to search for their brother. Hoping against hope.
Equipped with only med-kits, protective vests and basic firearms, they entered the war zone via ambulance.


They did not find their friend. But as they drove, they encountered the atrocities of the massive terrorist attack and the devastation that happened that day in Israel. As armed medics, they saved many lives that day, but not their brother. They came home that night to the support of their family and friends, and the news that David, their closest friend, was killed.


The next day, they were on their way down south again, this time, with a car full of equipment collected from friends in Jerusalem. One of the missions was to deliver drones and a helmet to one of the friend’s brothers before he went into battle. When they reached him, he was not wearing a protective vest, and the friend took the vest off his chest and gave it to his brother.

Facing the largest, fastest mobilization in the history of Israel. 300,000 civilian soldiers in 48 hours, they needed more.


With the Hamas terror invasion of Israel and the onset of war on October 7, this group of brothers, entrepreneurial young Israelis, identified an acute need: While the army offered weapons, uniforms, and some protective gear, a whole array of supplementary gear including sleeping bags, tactical helmets, ceramic vests and more, was still urgently needed.

A Zaka first responder (who helped set up the first cargo shipment) told them as the war began “We’re preparing for battle, get me body armor now”.

Thus was born: Soldiers Save Lives. Gear Saves Soldiers.
L’ilui Nishmat: In memory of David Newman. Golani. Brother forever.

David Newman’s youngest brother, Dvir, tells us how David was killed at
the Nova festival

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