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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are we?
    Soldiers Save Lives is a non-profit organization founded in loving memory of David Newman. We procure and supply urgently needed equipment to front line IDF units, regional security and first response teams, as well as civilian support organizations on the home front. See Our Impact
  • What’s our story?
    David, our brother, was killed by Hamas terrorists while protecting the ones he loved. We are now fighting to protect and support the people of Israel, just as David would have done. About Us
  • What do we do?
    We have two niche roles: 1) We gather donations of light tactical gear from wholesalers and in-kind donors and ship them to Israel. 2) We review and fund proposals from IDF unit commanders for heavy tactical gear. We act as the liaison between an IDF unit in need and the relevant supplier in Israel and pay the supplier directly.
  • Do we need in-kind or monetary donations?
    Both! We are looking for in-kind donations of boots, winter gear, camping supplies, clothing, sports gear and much more. Becoming an in-kind donor to SSL will allow you to turn excess inventory into life enhancing, and lifesaving support while benefiting from the associated tax benefits. Additionally, we are looking for monetary donations to our causematch donations page. For large donations above $5K, email CEO Baruch Apisdorf at
  • How can I become an Ambassador or Team Leader for Soldiers Save Lives?
    Join our Ambassador Program and become a vital part of our noble cause. Your mission is to raise awareness and support our provision of essential gear to soldiers and security forces. Spread our message, reach out your community, and help us fundraise. Learn More and Sign Up
  • Who works for our team?
    Soldiers Save Lives was founded in Israel by seven of David Newman’s closest friends. They have assembled a team in Israel and the US, consisting of seasoned, experienced operations and logistics professionals, along with hundreds of dedicated volunteers. Our staff is composed of people who share David’s infectious passion for spreading happiness and love, and for serving and protecting the people of Israel. Together, we carry and implement David’s legacy. Meet Our Team
  • Is Soldiers Saves Lives a registered non-profit?
    We are a non-profit C corp and are in the process of becoming a 501(c)(3) — we can retroactively provide tax receipts.
  • How do we know what is needed?
    Our organization’s greatest strength is our on-the-ground access and widespread connections. Our staff is in contact with the Ministry of Defense, and multiple non-profits representing various combat units in the IDF, including the Navy Seals & Search and Rescue. Through them, we have been able to maintain a list of what is needed and each item’s urgency.
  • I am a soldier who wants to request supplies for my unit, can you help?
    We do not accept requests from individual soldiers. We only fund proposals from units who can provide proper paperwork as well as a sign-off from their commander. For unit proposals, reach out to Gidon Hazony at
  • What if I have everything set up in terms of getting unit supplies, but I lack funding?
    Great, you’ve got the first step. Please reach out to us and we will be happy to work with you or connect you to a larger network to secure funding.
  • How do we ensure that equipment is delivered to units?
    1) From the moment we receive the light tactical gear donations at our US warehouse to the moment they are delivered to our soldiers, we have a steady stream of documentation & communication with our volunteers and partners. 2) When purchasing heavy tactical gear on behalf of IDF units, we do our due diligence on their proposal and require unit commanders to fill out all necessary documentation. We also receive documentation from the unit confirming that they picked up their equipment from the relevant supplier.
  • How do I know that my donation has gone to good use?
    We’ve been very successful in implementing both of our goals. We’ve gotten all 150 tons of our aid through Israeli customs. We have funded 15+ IDF units and Civil Guards. Feel free to explore our website for more specific information on our operation. See How We Use Your Donations
  • Do you work with other organizations in Israel that are helping soldiers? If so, which ones and why?
    Yes! We have been working closely with the MoD, El-Al, Zaka, IDF, Central Fund of Israel, Israel Friends. Our partnerships with each of these entities is described below: El-Al: Provides us with free cargo space. MoD: Manages authentication of need with regards to IDF equipment requests and ensures that the equipment we collect is needed/relevant. IDF: We receive equipment proposals (invoices) directly from IDF unit commanders. Examples of IDF units we have funded are: Egox Reserves, Maglan Special Forces, Sayeret Tzanchanim, Sayeret Golani & Egoz Active Duty. Examples of Civil Guards we have funded are: Mevo Betar, Kochav Yaakov & Efrat.
  • The IDF has put out public announcements that they will purchase and supply all equipment. Is that not true?
    It is true, but many units, civilian response teams and civilians still don’t have what they need and we can get it to them much quicker than the IDF. That’s what we've been doing since the start of the war.
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