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When David was killed, our group of friends made a resolute choice.

Instead of feeling helpless, we came together under a resounding motto:

“Let’s Do Something”

We know you share our pain. We know you want to help.

Stand with us on our mission to protect our soldiers and support our country.

Join Us

Let’s show the world what Am Yisrael Chai really means

Teams who have joined our fight

Ambassador Spotlight

Israeli soldier saves lives

Noah Neustadter, Ambassador


I am a soldier in the 7071st Reserve Combat Engineering Battalion. Becoming an ambassador of Soldiers Save Lives has given me the opportunity to raise the funds I need to get life-saving equipment directly to my unit.

American young leader donate to israel

Talia Krausz, Team Leader

Macaulay Queens College

“Being in New York, we can feel lonely and helpless during this war. As an ambassador for Soldiers Saves Lives, I can now take actionable steps with my Jewish community to protect our homeland. I’m excited to be on this team!”

finding a way to help israel during the war

Tehila Bitton, Team Leader

Yeshiva University

“It is so hard to be away from Israel, the place I call home, during this difficult time. I felt so helpless until I found a way to help. Soldiers Saves Lives provides a tangible way to support our brave soldiers who are sacrificing everything for us right now.”

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