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Moshe and Gidon in Efrat

Not just Doing,
Getting it Done

Since our founding on October 8th, we haven’t stopped.

We’re getting aid to the people who need it via our US to Israel supply chain


Camelbacks and Hydration Packs


Units of Medical Equipment 


Pairs of Tactical Glasses




Bullet-Proof Vests


Units of Tactical Gear




Pairs of Army Boots

... and more keeps coming!

We’ve impacted 20K soldiers and 50K civilians  

Thank you so much, Soldiers Save Lives, for your support, endless work, and endless prayers to give us the gear that we need to accomplish our missions and come home safe.

Paratroopers 202 Sniper Team

On behalf of the Mate Yehuda Regional Council, I’d like to thank Soldiers Save Lives for your generous donation of protective equipment - helmets and ceramic vests - to the Mevo Beitar community. This donation contributes greatly to our security and safety.

Niv Weasel, Head of the Mate Yehuda Regional Council

The equipment Soldiers Save Lives purchased for the Efrat Civilian Response Team will undoubtedly save and protect lives during this tragic time in Israel. Your incredible generosity is poised to transform Efrat's security and safety in a remarkable way.

Oded Revivi, Mayor of Efrat & Chairman of Efrat Development Foundation

Tens of thousands of soldiers  are still in need.

This is Our Impact:


Civilians thank Soldiers Save Lives for Humanitarian Aid

In the wake of the Israel-Hamas war, countless civilians and communities have been left shattered and displaced, their lives forever changed. We aim not only to address immediate needs but also to lay the foundation for long-term recovery and resilience.


Soldiers Save Lives Recognized As Valuable Partner of Security Forces

Via our highest-level strategic partnerships, both in the US and in Israel, we deliver your funds precisely where they're needed, when they're needed. Soldiers Save Lives has made it our mission to protect those who protect us.

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Let's do something.

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